Turning off the Panasonic #ShotKiller Feature on the AG-DVX200 4K Camera

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Turning off the Panasonic #ShotKiller Feature on the AG-DVX200 4K Camera

I just started using my new Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K camera, and I love almost everything about it, but there is one feature in particular that is an absolute showstopper, and I have dubbed it the Panasonic #ShotKiller. There is a proximity sensor on the eyecup that automatically turns off the LCD and turns on the […]

Collision Detection

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As part of an effort to start writing more (of anything), I responded to a writing prompt on reddit. The subject was this: Gradually, you have become aware of the true nature of your existence: you are a video game NPC. Eventually, you encounter the game’s protagonist, and your status changes. There are a number of […]

Two Steadicam Shots Are Better Than None

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With careful application of technical skill, an artist’s creative output can be taken to a higher level. With the upcoming release of Pitch Perfect 2, it seemed like a good time to revisit Cups (When I’m Gone) and the Steadicam-driven video that made the catchy, accidental hit song even more memorable. The song’s unique history […]

Welcome to Cinematek Creative

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Cinematek Creative is the home of all my creative work. You’ll find videos I’ve directed, written and edited. You’ll also find stories of my adventures shooting commercials, features, corporate videos and so much more. Welcome in, and please check back often for updates. Please follow and like us: