I’m a director, writer and editor. I have experience with creative direction, brand strategy and staff management. Sometimes companies bring me in as a consultant to help them build camera departments, sound stages, post-production workflows, team morale; you name it.

Resumes are boring. You know it, and I certainly know it. “I’ll keep your resume on file” can be roughly translated as, “I’ll keep your resume in a pile on my desk for a few weeks until I get around to throwing it out.” So I won’t post my resume here, but rest assured I do have one. I can send it to you if you really want to see it. For now, here are the highlights:

I’ve been working in film and video production for more than 15 years. I have hundreds of projects under my belt from almost every discipline. I direct, write, edit and do so much more. I’m really great at product videos, company image and branding, documentary, instructional, and technical material. I know how to prioritize a shot list and motivate a crew to meet any production schedule. I’m also comfortable wearing a Steadicam. Or sitting in an edit bay. Or wearing a Steadicam while sitting in an edit bay – your choice.

Cinematek Creative is the banner under which I collect all my creative efforts. Commercials I’ve directed, books I’ve written, photography I’ve done, and everything in between. Maybe someday soon I’ll post something here that you and I did together.

I’ve shot commercials, features and TV on five continents. Call me now if you have a shoot in South America or at McMurdo Station, Antarctica so I can complete my continent collection.



  1. Frank Holguin
    August 29, 2013

    Thursday, August 29, 2013

    Hi Michael,
    Your Father gave me your website address to check out your works from our last MCAI Board meeting, apparently he’s very proud of your work and you. I did get a chance to look over the projects and was impressed, a questioon comes to mind on the Brick People, was that original factory located in East Los Angeles near what was then called the Floral Drive-in? I seem to remember a brick factory near there but I can’t recall if that was Simmons? Talk to you later and keep up the good work.

    Frank Holguin and Associates
    A Communications & Entertainment Company
    Irvine & La Quinta, CA

    • admin
      August 31, 2013

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for writing in! The original brickyard was off of Glenarm St. in Pasadena, not far from there. The Simons brothers had seven or eight yards in total, though, so it’s entirely possible that the one you speak of was one of them.




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